Sutton Market Position Statement

Commissioning Strategies

This section contains the published strategies that shape the direction of travel for commissioned adult social care and support services in Sutton.

Last Updated: 01 December 2023

Accommodation Based Care – Care Home Strategy

Care Homes are an essential part of the Health and Social Care landscape providing care to some of the most vulnerable people in society.

Our Care Home Joint Commissioning Strategy 2022-2027 is a 5 year approach to this sector of care, providing a direction of travel for existing care providers and a clear indication to new providers wishing to become part of the Sutton care home market.

The strategy sets out the local health and social care approach to commissioning a sustainable range of high quality care home services, specifically to:

  • Manage the local care home market as part of an integrated health and social care system
  • Support quality in care homes through joint monitoring, quality assurance and data collection
  • Develop opportunities for the joint commissioning of new in Borough models of care over a five year period
  • Inform the planning of care home provision for future years beyond 2027
  • The aim of the strategy is to develop and communicate the long term commissioning intentions of the London Borough of Sutton Council and the South West London Integrated Care System (previously the South West London Clinical Commissioning Group).

Care Home Joint Commissioning Strategy PDF