Sutton Plan

The Sutton Plan
The Sutton Plan sets out a shared vision for the borough and our thoughts on how to tackle some of the big issues facing us. It is a blueprint for how everyone can work together, the basis for new actions and new conversations as we begin to build Sutton’s future.

Ambitious for Sutton
Sutton Council’s five-year plan sets out the strategy and programmes that will deliver the ambitious commitments we have made to improve the lives of local people.

Children and Young People

Early Help Strategy
The council works with its partners to provide seamless early help for children and young people. The strategy outlines how timely support will be given to avoid escalation when a problem emerges. It is applicable from the beginning of a child’s life, through to their teenage years.

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment
This assessment reviews the childcare available in the borough. It looks at the number of spaces, location, cost and quality. The aim is for parents to have a choice of childcare options for their child. 

Children and Young People Plan
This plan sets the Children’s Trust Board’s goals for children and young people in Sutton. It sets a plan for how they will achieve their vision.

Crime and Community Safety

Community Safety Assessment
The needs assessment looks at crime and anti-social behaviour in Sutton. From this, the council and police have agreed on the key issues they will work together on over the next four years.

‘Safe in Sutton’ Crime Prevention and Community Safety Strategy
‘Safer Sutton’ is a partnership between the council and the police. They have identified priorities to make sure that people, their property, and the neighbourhoods they live in, are safe. 

Domestic Abuse & Violence against Women and Girls Strategy
Preventing domestic abuse is part of the ‘Safe in Sutton’ Strategy. This strategy sets out how the council, with its partners, will recognise all victims of domestic abuse. This is so victims of all genders and demographic groups are supported to come forward and seek help. The strategy also explains how partners will work with each other to prevent abuse.



Environment Strategy
We want to be London’s most sustainable borough. The strategy outlines how we will:

  • Improve air quality
  • Protect and connect green spaces
  • Reduce energy use
  • Create a circular economy, and
  • Tackle climate change
    Everyone has a part to play – so why not take a look to see what you can do.

Cycling Strategy
This strategy sets out our plan to make Sutton a more attractive, safer place to cycle. This will help embed a cycling culture, with safer and more considerate behaviour by road users. We hope this will drive a reduction in car use for short journeys, in favour of cycling.

Air Quality

Air Quality Action Plan
The action plan is part of our duty to the Mayor of London’s ‘Local Air Quality Management’. The plan sets out how we will cut pollution, and people’s exposure to it. This will help improve residents’ health and quality of life.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Sutton
This report looks on the last year measuring and listing down to emissions for greenhouse gases within the borough.

Flood Risk

Management of Flood Risk
This strategy sets out our plan to better understand the risk of flooding in the borough. This will help us reduce the risk of flooding. To do this, we will work with other organisations and local communities. More information and documents can be found on Sutton Council’s website.

Public Health

Annual Public Health Report
Each year, the Director of Public Health reports on key issues facing the borough. This year, the report focuses on the challenges some children in Sutton face through childhood. These challenges may prevent them from doing as well as other children and can have long-lasting impacts into adulthood. The report also looks at progress made throughout the year towards achieving good health and wellbeing.

Health and Wellbeing Strategy
This strategy outlines what the council, with its partners, are doing to make sure all residents can live healthy lives.

Health and Social Care

Joint Health and Social Care Strategy
This is a joint strategy between Sutton Council and Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group. It sets out the plan for integrating health and social care services. The strategy covers the full range of needs. This includes universal community services, specialised care (e.g. GPs, pharmacies, dentists and opticians) and acute care (e.g. hospital, or residential care). The changes will benefit all residents of Sutton, and help make public money go further.

Sutton Health and Care Plan
Building on The Sutton Plan, this plan sums up Sutton’s health and care challenges. It sets out how partners will create a logical, consistent health and social care system, that works for Sutton residents.

Sutton Joint Carers Strategy
This Strategy sets out our commitment to Carers of all ages in Sutton over the next four years to make sure that carers are: recognised and valued as expert partners in care; treated with dignity; and supported to stay healthy and live a good life.

Learning Disability Strategy
The Sutton learning disability strategy is a plan to make things better for people with learning disabilities and their families.


Housing Strategy
Our aim is for all residents to have a home that meets their needs. For this strategy, the type, amount, and cost of housing have been looked at. We have set goals linked to these areas to improve housing for Sutton households.

Fuel Poverty
This strategy explains how we will reduce the number of people who experience fuel poverty. It also sets a plan for lessening the extent to which people experience it.