Young People

Early Help Strategy
This strategy sets out Sutton’s focuses on offering early help to children, providing support from the beginning of the child’s life up to the teenage years at any moment a problem emerges.

Childcare Sufficiency Assessment
This Assessment reviews the childcare available in the London Borough of Sutton, looking at things such as the availability, quality and affordability of it.

Children and Young People Plan
This plan highlights the vision from the Children’s Trust B0ard for children and young people in the borough and what they are going to do to make sure this vision becomes real.

Community Safety

Community Safety Assessment
The needs assessment looks at local patterns of crime and anti-social behaviour to identify the community safety issues that the borough may encounter over the next four years.

Safety in Sutton
This strategy highlights what new methods Sutton and particularly the Community Safety Partnership are exploring to stop crime and make Sutton a safer environment over the three year period.

Domestic Abuse & Violence against Women and Girls
This strategy goes into detail on Sutton Councils approach to Domestic Abuse in the borough and how the Council plan to keep Women and Girls safer in the borough.


Environment Strategy
The strategy outlines how Sutton will become London’s most sustainable borough by improving air quality, protecting and connecting green spaces, reducing energy use, creating a circular economy, and tackling climate change. Everyone has a part to play – so why not take a look to see what you can do!

Cycling Strategy
This strategy combines what the Council has learnt from previous strategies and projects they have previously published and emphasised their plan for making Sutton a cleaner Borough by pushing the use of cycling.

Air Quality

Air Quality Action Plan
This action plan is part of our duty to the Mayor of London’s Local Air Quality Management plans. It outlines how Sutton Council will cut concentrations of pollution, and people’s exposure to it, to positively impact the health and quality of life of residents and visitors to the borough.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions for Sutton
This report looks on the last year measuring and listing down to emissions for greenhouse gases within the borough.

Flood Risk

Management of Flood Risks
This strategy is a summary of what the London Borough of Sutton plans to do over the six year time period to lessen the risk of flooding in the borough, what they are currently doing and who they are working with to help get this done

Level 2 Strategic Flood Assessment
This assessment looks at the borough and especially the areas where they believe pose the biggest threat of flooding and also highlights what Sutton plan to do to deal with these risks.

Public Health

Annual Public Health Report
This report focuses on the Children within the borough and specifically the challenges that some may face when growing up that may prevent them from doing as well as other children in the borough.

Health and Wellbeing
This strategy conveys what Sutton is doing to better the health of all residents within the borough and what they are doing and planning to do to make sure that everyone in the borough has a fair chance of living healthily.

Social Care

Health and Social Care
This Strategy sets out the plan from Sutton and its partners, that it’s working with, for integrating services for health and social care to help benefit all residents of Sutton.


Housing Strategy
This document assesses the needs of Sutton’s population relating to housing, looking at the type, supply, cost and affordability of homes in the borough. It outlines the council’s priorities to make sure the housing needs of all households are met.

Fuel Poverty
This strategy brings together our knowledge of the causes and effects of fuel poverty, with a plan for how the council will reduce the number of people experiencing fuel poverty, and the extent to which people experience it.

Housing Allocation Policy